Top Rated, Clean, Durable Used Appliances.

Sargent's on Rock Blvd has been supplying the Reno-Sparks area with the best selection of used appliance for a very long time. Local residents know us for selling the highest and best quality and delivering the best service for new and used appliances. When it comes to our used especially, we spend a lot of time cleaning, repairing and testing to make sure that our customers are receiving the best units possible. We also hand pick our appliances from multiple different sources so we can ensure quality.  

Quality Washers


Fast Drying Clothes Dryers


Clean Refrigerators


If you've purchased a new appliance in the last few years, you may have been upset by the quality of the product that you purchased? This is because of governmental regulations that cause manufacturers to change their machines to more energy efficient models, which in turn changes the quality of the machine. Usually for the worst. Sargents sells used appliances because we know this, and we like to offer good quality appliances, especially if we can do it at a discount. If you're tired of buying poor quality new machines, and want to go back in time when quality meant something, check out our appliance warehouse in Sparks to see what we have to offer.