Sargent's Used Refrigerators

1 year warranty

If you are in need of a used refrigerator, and you're not interested in any of the new technology available, like WiFi connectivity and a coffee maker in the door of your freezer, than Sargent's has exactly what you're looking for. We have spent the last few decades working on perfecting the best used inventory, and our refrigeration is one of our best parts. We rebuild the best, long lasting designs and put parts we think are going to break on them, so we can get the most life out of them possible. We aren't afraid to put a new compressor in a refrigerator, in fact, we like doing it. We know of some great machines that were first made with faulty compressors. A few hundred dollars later, and Sargent's has a great machine, with a new sealed system, that we sell for a great price. Some designs come in already in great shape, like most of the refrigerators coming out of Amana Iowa and the Maytag or Whirlpool plant. These refrigerators usually need a quick tweak and a new ice maker, and you'll have a refrigerator that can last forever. View our inventory of top freezer, side by side and french door refrigerators.  

Kenmore, 25 cu ft, Side by Side White, Water and Ice Dispenser $550
Amana, 20 cu ft, Bottom Mount Freezer Newly Installed Compressor, Counter Depth $650
Whirlpool, 18 cu ft, Top Freezer   $389
Kitchenaid, 21 cu ft, French Door Bottom Freezer Water and ice dispenser, Counter Depth $850
Kenmore, 25 cu ft, Side by Side Water and ice dispenser $650
Whirlpool, 18 cu ft, Top Freezer Ice Maker $450
Kitchenaid, 25 cu ft, Side by Side Water and ice dispenser $650


Kenmore 25 cubic foot



Amana 20 cubic foot, counter depth



Whirlpool, 18 cubic foot



Kitchenaid 21 cubic foot, counter depth



Kenmore 25 cubic foot 



Whirlpool 18 cubic foot



Whirlpool 25 cubic foot